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Frequently asked questions, or FAQs

Some information on go.epfl.ch.

General FAQs

What is URL shortening ?

URL shortening is a technique in which a URL may be made substantially shorter in length and have more meaning.
http://diidyn.epfl.ch/Restauration/IntExt/Rest/offresjours.php becomes https://go.epfl.ch/menu.

What is the purpose of this site ?
Besides from the url shortening this site has other goals:
  • A way to remember all those URLs so complicated
  • To have a directory with EPFL's internal links
  • To have a quick and safe (and and corporate compliant) way to shorten URLs.
If you read french, have a look to this article in the Flash Informatique.
Is go.epfl.ch provided by KIS or DIT ?
go.epfl.ch is born due to necessity of a mailing (read this article about it) and it is not provided or supported by EPFL global services like KIS or DIT. Communication may be addressed to go@groupes.epfl.ch.
What system is used ?

go.epfl.ch is using Phurl 2.0.0 BETA 3.3 adapted with some parts of yourls.

Are go.epfl.ch, cut.epfl.ch and short.epfl.ch the same ?

Yes they are sharing the same database, but go.epfl.ch is a 1 char shorter than cut.epfl.ch and 2 chars shorter than short.epfl.ch...

Usage FAQs

Can an URL have different alias ?

Yes. A same URL can have from 1 to N alias.

How can I use this service more easily ?

Give a try to the bookmarklet!

How can I have a subdomain (keyword.epfl.ch) ?

Details about subdomain and recommendations about URL can be found here. Alias can be requested via EPNET.

I am using Jahia and I want readable URL ?

Details about Jahia's vanity URL and recommendations can be found here.

I have question or problem related to go.epfl.ch

What is it?

Cool URLs don't change!

What makes a cool URI?
A cool URI is one which does not change.
What sorts of URI change?
URIs don't change: people change them.

Cool URLs don't change,
1998, Tim Berners-Lee