Usage FAQ

Good that you checked this FAQ! If you can't find an answer here, please have a look to the KB0015277. The status page could indicate a maintenance or an outage.

You can use this form to create a support request directly in ServiceNow.

Last but not least, the site has a contact form in which you can either contact the administrator or create an issue on the GitLab repository.

Yes. An URL can have from 1 to N aliases.

Yes. An alias can have from 0 to N owners.

A hidden alias is an alias which won't be listed in the browse page, in the Atom feed nor in the Telegram Channel.
Please note that it isn't private, meaning that people may still be able to access it.

It means "Time To Live", in other terms, expiration date.

Yes. /INC...., /KB...., /CHG...., /CIM...., /CTASK...., /OUT...., /RITM...., /IDEA...., /PRB...., /PRJ...., /SVC...., /RSK.... and /AUD..... will respectively redirect to the relevant ServiceNow page. It's a quick and efficient way to access and share these ServiceNow items.

There's also the Moodle magic redirects. For example, will redirect to the corresponding URL.

Yes, each alias have an info page: /info/{alias}. Access the alias info with

A QR Code is avalaible on the info page. Head to /info/{alias} to get it.

Nah, right now this is not possible.

No, some other protocols are working. will work, spotify:artist:6gK1Uct5FEdaUWRWpU4Cl2 won't.

Yes, provides an API:

Yes they are sharing the same database, but is a 1 char shorter than and 2 chars shorter than
Since has been rewritten, and are redirection to Feel free to use them!

General FAQ


URL shortening is a technique in which a URL may be made substantially shorter in length and have more meaning.
Example: becomes

Besides from the URL shortening this site has other goals:

  • A way to easily remember all complicated URLs
  • To have a directory of EPFL's links
  • To have a quick and safe (and and corporate compliant) way to shorten URLs
If you read french, have a look to this article in the Flash Informatique.

We love them too!
In mid-2021, Tania Di Paola and Titouan Veuillet, two Interactive Media Designer (IMD) apprentices worked on a new logo. The result of their work is available on the design page.

Yes! Since march 2020 is an official EPFL service.
It means that it has:

More documents about this EPFL service can be found on confluence.

The first version of was a mix between PHURL ( with some parts of YOURLS (

Early 2019, Loïc Humbert (an IT apprentice) was asked to refresh the whole system during his end of apprentiship work (called TPI - Travail Pratique Individuel). While still running some parts of YOURLS, the website has been rewritten to the PHP Framework Laravel. The database running is PostgreSQL. The whole system is running in containers. The webserver is NGINX behind Træfik.
You may be interessed to have a look to the source code.

No, but that would be a good idea. The closest think to them is the issues board on GitLab.

Contact us

It will be much appreciated if you can open an issue on
You can also send an email to to automagically create a request.
Finally, you can contact the maintainers by email here.

That would be awesome! ❤️

Have a look to the source code and already listed issues.

We want to let you know that we are here to help, feel free to ask some using the contact form.