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Link Alias Clicks hE 6200,labels,events_surface,events_li hH 5865 hJ 6037 hK 6035 hM 5963
http://doodle hT 6357 hU 5730 jd 5798 jh 6611 jj 5429 jX 5677
http://.. jZ 5788 kn 5550 kp 5706 kF 5223 kG 5156 kH 5086 kJ 5084 kV 4872 ma 4747 mb 4656 md 4852 mf 5022 mq 4603 mr 4541
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What is it?

Cool URLs don't change!

What makes a cool URI?
A cool URI is one which does not change.
What sorts of URI change?
URIs don't change: people change them.

Cool URLs don't change,
1998, Tim Berners-Lee